It's an online interview

The Q&A is our unique set of questions designed to pique the interest of viewers who want to know more in a way that gives an insight into the beautiful women of Trinidad & Tobago.

What to expect

We’ll send you a link to the online Q&A (on with your own unique password in which you can review and comfortably answer at your convenience.

Answer only what you feel most comfortable answering since it’s designed for a broad range of women.

Once this is submitted we’ll include your own portfolio of photographs that best represents you. It’s hand selected and curated by the personnel at Then we’ll publish your interview on our site.

It's a platform to promote women in T&T, differently.

There isn’t enough platforms in Trinidad & Tobago that aims to be different relating to women and their character. There may be tons of pages and online media that only promote their beauty, but almost NONE that promote their brains, which is actually the most beautiful part of a lady.

Promoting women with substance and style

We want to promote women in a way which represents their character and individuality. Hence the combination of imagery and writing to showcase the featured Trini girl. Along with a promotional video to capture a modern audience.

Photoshoots will come.

Due to the current global pandemic the  planned, unique photoshoots with are on hold till it’s safe to resume.

These online interviews will also help the photoshoots when we resume plans after the pandemic is over.

Still need to know more?