To learn more, visit our About Page here. is 100% Trinidad & Tobago original!

Yes! We research each girl featured on to ensure they are a Trinidad & Tobago native.

No. We don’t choose girls based on their follower count or popularity otherwise. Mostly their content and what they have to offer that fits into the ideals & image.

It’s a very tedious and lengthy process to source Trini Girls who fit the criteria to be featured.

You can Submit your information using our profile submit form here. And we’ll get back to you if you meet the criteria to be featured.

There are no set criteria to be featured on However great content about yourself helps us choose. As mentioned previously, we don’t choose based on “Followers” or status.

No. We never offer monetary gains for interviews. This will affect the authenticity of the interview or Q&A.

Currently we don’t, due to the worldwide pandemic. However when it’s globally safe to, we will resume plans to conduct our own photoshoots.

Users can NOT sign up and submit photos themselves on This is a publishing brand, which is curated by the personnel of However, interviewees can and do submit images privately to us relating to their interview.

Unless stated otherwise, does NOT claim copyright ownership of the images featured. We strive to give proper credit to a photographer(s) whose works are featured on

We certainly do NOT edit or modify photos we have no copyright ownership over. If a photo appeared edited from an original, it was NOT done by

NONE and there NEVER will be.
We don’t encourage or promote “adult-only” content on If it’s safe to be on Instagram, it’s suitable for

No. Your images will never be used outside of the platforms.

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