Do’s and Dont’s on a Professional Photoshoot – 01

A Photographer should NEVER touch you without consent

There isn’t a single body part on a model that’s “okay to touch” without consent. Please read that again.

Sure, during photoshoots, things need to be adjusted, fixed, etc. on a model. However, regardless of gender, a photographer needs to ask permission first, to do so or have someone you’re comfortable with, do it. Even if you’re working with them for the first time or the fiftieth time, a photographer needs to ask.

Models need to remember:

● Not every person with a DSLR/Large digital camera is a professional photographer.

● You are in control of what you’re comfortable with during a photo shoot and what you’re agreeing to.

● You should never feel pressured into doing anything you’re not comfortable with.

● You can stop a shoot if you’re not okay with what’s going on during the shoot.

● A photographer, or their associate(s), should never pressure or threaten you into anything you didn’t agree to.

● If new ideas are presented on the shoot, they still need to ask permission. It’s okay to refuse.

● If a photographer or associate(s) threaten you in any way, even verbal threats, such as “you’ll never get work again” etc., they’re not professional nor are they a real photographer. They may have ulterior motives.

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